All On Four Dental Implants Cost Ottawa & Gatineau

All-On-Four® has gained significant visibility within the dental community in the last few years. Unfortunately, that visibility has not yet crossed over to the general public. The procedure has been referred to as Teeth-In-a-Day in order to increase its “understandability”; however the purpose and benefits of the treatment remain fairly obscure. This procedure has been developed in the early 1990’s and has continued to be refined through the work of the dental community at large, Dr. Paulo Maló and Nobel Biocare. It is revolutionary on two fronts:

  • It allows dental implants to be placed and restored with a full-arch prosthesis within the same appointment
  • It allows dental implants to be placed in a fashion that permits the dentist to avoid the invasive and long to heal bone graft (transplant) procedures

In the sections that follow, we will describe the procedure, the cases in which the All-On-Four® treatment can be a viable course of action and the benefits it offers to the patients. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Anne, our office manager, by email at or by phone at 613-232-6735.