Our Mission & Mandate

The dental community is one that prides itself on focusing on the provision of optimal dental treatment. Dr. Nguyen has never been completely comfortable with the prospect of only being a treatment provider. He has built his practice around the notion of providing unique care that is tailored to the needs of his patients individually. He has always wanted to make sure that his work and that of his team have an impact on the overall well-being of those that entrust him with their care. He believes that dentistry can be about improving quality of life, not simply treating symptoms.

It is this belief that has led Dr. Nguyen towards continuously expanding the services that he provides with new and innovative treatments. Although he has offered dental implant services to his patients for quite some time, the ability to place implants and successfully restore them in one session has only recently become available to dental practitioners. He is very pleased to offer another truly life-changing service to those that have had to struggle with the limitations that come about as a result of tooth loss.


Our team is dedicated to providing and promoting proactive oral health care to the city of Ottawa, one patient at a time. We will treat the people that entrust us with their care the same way we would like to be treated: with compassion, empathy and diligence using the most appropriate technologies and techniques that are available.