New Teeth In a Day Ottawa & Dentures Cost Gatineau

People are quick to assume that complete, removable dentures are the only solution available to those who have lost all of their teeth on one or both arches (edentulous patients). This solution frequently implies, justly or not, certain discomforts:

  • Movement: Dentures can slip, move or even fall out
  • Discomfort: Dentures often feel uncomfortable or even painful because they rest directly on the gums
  • Limited Functionality: Dentures provide limited biting and chewing functionality
  • Bone Resorbtion: Dentures are associated with bone loss which in turn leads to increased fragility and recession of the jawbone

Implant supported dentures offer a solution which resolves all of the above mentioned issues. With as little as four dental implants per arch, a firmly secured, implant supported denture can:

  • Stability: Ensure stability of the denture
  • Comfort: Provide more comfortable placement/fit on the arch
  • Functionality: Improve functionality so that it more closely resembles the performance of natural teeth
  • Minimized Resorbtion: Prevent or significantly slow down the resorbtion (recession) of the jawbone by having the dental implants act as natural roots